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Stereogram: nanotube
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Playing around with different ways to turn solid objects into stereograms, I reallised that anything that is replicated horizontally can be viewed as a stereogram. Moreover, with the cross-eyed viewing technique objects that are replicated closer together are perceived as farther away than objects that are replicated farther apart, which is similar to the perspective representation of space, where lengths diminish with distance. That means that a solid object designed as a stereogram – like the nanotube in this example – will look quite right as a 2D image as well, although it is not exatly the same as a proper 2D projection of the same object.

This image was created in processing for the stereogram exhibit in the Science Centre Singapore's 'Magic – The Science of Illusion' exhibition. There it was displayed on a large TV screen as an animated stereogram, with the nanotube slowly rotating around its own axis.

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