Year of the Snake

When I first developed the Wireframe Stereogram, it was with the intention to make stereograms simple enough to be interactive (as in the IWISTER) and paintable or drawable.

My latest painted stereogram is still a fully computer generated pattern, transferred by hand onto canvas (cross your eyes to view it):

#0019 – Acrylic on canvas – 102x76cm – 2011-12
But my ambition is to create a stereogram by hand from scratch. I have done that with simple things like cubes and stick men, but not yet with something more interesting.

So I set out to make this year’s Chinese New Year stereogram my first hand-drawn stereogram. I created an exploratory sketch on the computer as preparation, but then I hurt my thumb and couldn’t draw for a few weeks, so the sketch was turned into the final image on the computer again:

CNY of the Snake - Stereogram

One day, I will draw a stereogram…

IWISTER #5 – Agent Magneto

Strictly speaking, this isn’t actually an Interactive Wireframe Stereogram, as it lacks wireframes per se. There are only lines, each anchored in one point in space but changing length and turning to always point away from an invisible agent – a bit like magnetic field lines from the pole of a magnet. And the result is reminiscent of moving a magnet through a liquid with suspended iron filings.

This also marks my first attempt to switch from Java applets – which not everyone is able to run in their browser – to Javascript. But the latter turns out to be far too slow, at least in my implementation of processing.js. So it looks like I’ll be sticking to Java applets for a while…

Chinese New Year of the “Loong”

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Today is the first day of the Year of the “Loong”. What’s a “Loong”? You figure it out… ; )

Year of the 'Loong' Stereogram

Visit the gallery for the original size.

IWISTER #4 – Build your own stereogram


This isn’t much as a stereogram, but as a developmental stage of the Interactive Wireframe Stereogram it is significant. For the first time an IWISTER features curved lines (and nothing else). And for the first time you can move around the objects – spheres in this case – using the mouse.

There must be other things than snowmen that you can build out of five spheres, so have fun!

A well-rounded Wireframe Stereogram

Today I have reached a new milestone in my Wireframe Stereogram development: bent wires. All the previous versions, including all the IWISTERs, had only straight lines and sharp corners, but now I finally got around to figuring out how to use Bézier curves, and this is the first result:

The first Wireframe Stereogram with bent wires

Next step: make it interactive…