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Big words made easy

Can you mention ‘pluralistic ignorance’, ‘cognitive dissonance’ and ‘confirmation bias’ all in one paragraph and still end up with a perfectly readable text that would make sense to, say, a Secondary School student? The authors of the Welcome Trust’s Big Picture issue on Health and Climate Change can. While discussing why we don’t take quick [...]

Everyone’s invited

On Saturday, 8 March, I will be giving a talk at the NUS Museum, as part of their NUS Arts Festival 2008. Apart from the art of Ng Eng Teng, I will be talking about mosquitoes, how their world differs from ours, and what it takes to appreciate art (hint: there will be a fair [...]

Eco-friendly… really?

Monday’s Straits Times featured an article on eco-coffins (access restricted… here’s a free abridged version). It reported on a new trend to use caskets made from chipboard or even paper rather than the traditional timber coffins. Given that Singapore goes through 16,000 coffins a year, that sounds like a great way to save some trees. [...]