IWISTER - the Interactive Wireframe Stereogram




#4 – Five Mouse Balls

This is really only a sketch – a proof of concept – to show myself that it can be done. The 'it' is actually two new things: this is the first IWISTER with bent wires, as well as the first one with mouse control.

This is also the the first IWISTER that isn't a puzzle. You get to build anything you like with five balls that you can resize and place anywhere in the scene. That's it. For a more interesting experience, try IWISTER #3.




#1 – The Rabbit Maze

Guide the Chinese New Year bunny through a 3D maze to his carrot.

#2 – The Puzzle Cube

Assemble four different objects to form a cube.

#3 – The Puzzle Pyramid

Assemble four equal objects to form a tetrahedron.

#5 – Agent Magneto

Guide the invisible agent on his mission to collect rings.

Built with Processing