Simulations, visualisations and exhibit prototypes

The programming language Processing is a great tool to quickly whip up a visual sketch of a phenomenon, process or moving objects of any sort. The interactive B-EYE and my Stereogram algorithm were written in Processing and are quite large programs, but I have made a lot of little sketches, too. Here is a selection of those related to science in one way or another.

An illustration of our eyes' mostly poor resolution
Mach Bands
An interactive demonstration of how our eyes sharpen edges
Illusory Contours
See how far you can push your perception of something that isn't there
Moiré Pillars
How to interfere with a building structure
Not the Doppler Effect
A failed attempt at addressing some common misconceptions
Strobe Fountain
Slow down time to figure out how the stroboscopic effect can suspend a droplet in mid air
The Leaking Drum
Sketches for an exhibit prototype illustrating water pressure and projectile motion
Coriolis Fountain
A simulation of an exhibit prototype involving the Coriolis effect