3D riDDle Hall of Fame

Here you find the names and comments of people who have completed all five stages of the 3D riDDle. If you want to be part of this list, you'll have to go through 3D riDDle first. The entries are listed chronologically.

These are actually only entries number 301-538. Have a look at the first, second and third hundred entries.

Bonnie & Clyde
Are we the best or what!?!?! YAHOO!!!!!!

Please provide more!!!

Pete Santago

Terry K.
Great Game. Thanks!

Anna Sekowski
I can't wait for the next one!


Don Love
Good fun! Thankyou.

Paul Nelmes

Isabeau Pr?mont-Schwarz
You should make pictures and let the persone try to find somthing in the picture

Jeff Owens
Hallusions! Great game!

Shayne Spackman

Franck Bonnassieux
Great Game

David Hall
Nice idea Thanks

Brian Thomas
must... have... more...

A Maze Ing -- Less Than a Riddle -- 1024x768 is too small -- 800x600 is better


way fun.

Emily Schwenke
Alot of fun. Nice to try to see the images before they were complete.

Michael Whelan
Well done...This comes out very well over the net...

Pedro Aguiar

Enoc Pardue
Interesting, but easy, since you can always backtrack.

Kevin Conklin
It's sort of difficult to see at the edges. You get interference from scroll bars and your left and right buttons.

Sledge Hammer
Childish & in poor taste......

Vincent Galante
Great idea, even possible over a modem.

mike salegui
http://www.mlode.com/~brian/candlebox.html for great CANDLEBOX stuff.

Samuel Richards

steve hubbard

Reed Wiedower
Only five puzzles? The first was the hardest, and the logo itself was more mystifying than any ropes. 3 "d"s, Ha! Good Luck finding my E-mail address, this game was played on an unauthorized port. It was a nice game though. How could I make one?

Christi Wilson
Great fun! I want more!!

Kevin the great

First two were difficultto see

I liked it quite a lot. For me it is the first game using SDS.

L. Scott Johnson


Yoseif Whiteson
Great! Some of the clues are kinda vague.

SZUCS frederic (FRANCE)
sometimes it's hard (the last one) but it's very funny Congratulations to you fo the game !

Peter Wilson
It's hard to tell down from up.

Lots of fun, but needs to be more difficult!!

David England
Great Job! I really enjoyed the riddle, and I'll be looking forward to the next one!

Dave Beatty
Enjoyed the game; great time killer.

Bill Dyess

Howard Geyer
Loved the riDDle!

Beautiful graphics - why don't they put things like this in the books that cost money?

Beautiful graphics - why don't they put things like this in the books that cost money?

Levi Lalla

Matt Schikore

Mike Taylor
Good use of SIS's on the Internet. Shame the books cost so much.

Sounil Yu
I have a headache!

Robert Keiser


Jesper Nylin

Wayne and Paul Iobst
This was a great puzzle, and a graet idea. My brother and I are looking forward to your new, harder 3d puzzle.

Andrei C. Wilson
That was a fun little game!!!

dave and tim braun
This was a joint effort of a father/son team. Lots of fun! Are you gathering any statistical data? It might be interesting to see what kind of depth resolution people have or what percent of the population can/cannot see these images.

This was FUN! I want more harder and longer puzzles...can't fool my eyes for too long. And now for a sad plug for my web sites...http://www.uvm.edu/~cmoran, http://www.uvm.edu/~wruv and the site I will be webmaster for the 'Rhombus Art Gallery' which can be reached thorough my cmoran site, cause the location changes once in a while. Thanks, peace out, T-SNAKE

Tom Shuman and Corey Andrews
It helps when you read the clues...

Ramona & Scott Munford
enjoyable fun


Way too easy!!!

Marco Rotelli
Nice game... A bit easy :)

Kathy Jerrard
I love these types of games. Don't stop making them.


Mark Hodgin

Daniel Bushman
I liked it. You should publish a book.

Daniel Bushman
Browsers can step back to fix wrong answers. Still way cool though. Me likes, yes? Yes.

Mike Ratch
fuck the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tony "Budance" Tulo
Hay! Girls I'm free tonight my number is 1-800-big dick

Rolf Klein
Very nice! I'm looking forward to part two...

Hedi F
This was fun for all of us here!

Robert Pless

Shae Apland
Images took a lttle to long to finish. I had everyone solved before it was finished so I didn't get a chance to see how clear they would come out. I would like to play the second game. You should also find a way of making a cash prize like the riddler page. The puzzles would have to be harder though. I enjoyed playing, thanks for the challenge.

Steve A Claw

Geoffrey Young
That was cool, can't wait for the next one!

Lauren Ebert

Lucas Suh
Cool! You should make more they are really fun.

Ben Friday
Visit me at My homepage and my friend at Shae's Art Homepage

Karlheinz Agsteiner
Very nice riddle. However, the last description is a bit unclear, IMHO.

Pete Guidry (Halifax NS)
Yay! something different. Any other maritimers been here? Any Tuns Students Wasting time?

Matthew Sund

Damon McCormick
cool idea!

Robert D. Johnson
Nice quality in those pictures!

great fun. I found the rope one the hardest to follow. I'll be sure to look for the next one.

Tsun Kan Ng
Great game! I have enjoyed it very much. I look forwards to the next version. Thank you very much.

Lyell Haynes
REALLY fun. I always love stereograms. It was a nice break from work. Too bad I have to go back to it now.

Larry Puebla
It is really cool !!!

Jay Allen

Dean Campbell

Ian Howson
Good game - Netscape makes it easy by just clicking 'back' when you get it wrong (not that I did this much!)

Mark Agar
As my mate said, smart!

Tim Sullivan
Pretty fun, good job!

Hey! Thanks, man. That was really fun.

Darren Kiedyk

Larry Pachon

Chad D. Weber
Wow ... Cool web site ...

Brian McGehee
Love it. Let's see more. Bigger ones. -Thanks.

Dave & Deb Schoneweis
This was fun. I finally got my wife interested in the net with this game.

Too short!

Gerrit Denayer
Great game, but too easy !!! I'll be waiting for the next one.

Katie Pulver
That was pretty cool, I think that there should be many more games that you can acess through the web!

Donald Trump
can I buy it

Greg Weir
Pretty fun and easy.

Glenn Estes

Eric C. Olson
Sheesh...had ta' get Netscape 1.1 just to do this dang thing, as 1.0 kept seg. faulting after the 2nd page...whew.


Gary Packer
Good Fun! I'd like to see more!

Andrew Sandler
Helloooo Nurse - Animaniacs

Daven Howard
Whoa...eye strain.

Kelli L. Allen


Harry S. Truman

Mike Schrag

Philip Drader
I love these mazes, good joob!

Philip Drader
I love these mazes, good job!

Steven and Kristin Branson

Sammi and John
much easier with Pink Floyd background music and a big fat bowl.


Lance Karm

Mechelle Rhodes
It was Great! But I will be seeing cross-eyed for quite a while..

Crosseyed Joe
Fun... can't wait for II...

James Marshall
This was a neat way to combine mazes with 3-D images. I've always enjoyed looking at 3-D pictures, and by making them into mazes where you have to pass a few of them correctly in order to reach the final goal was a good idea. I suppose though, that I do have to agree with the majority of visitors -- I'd like to see more and this one wasn't all that difficult because I got through it the first time without any mistakes. A very good project nonetheless!

Justin Walden

michael ford
I'd like to know how to make stereograph..please reply

crystal cheney
my eyes are very soar from that

Christina Reagan
i could usually focus it right, but even then it was hard to tell which way to turn

Bo Wilmer

steven chong
too easy - not truly challenging man!

Harry & Bob
Way to go, dude

Ilan Hornstein
I want to thank my Mom and Dad, my brother and sister, my friends and all who know me in Muelheim, Germany, who, with all their support and love have made this historic achievement possible. THANK YOU ALL !!!!

Paul V. Gladney
Great game! Very creative!

i cheated.

Anna Gardberg

Rollin Denniston
Thanks! It was a challenging and clever game. Looking forward to the next one.


It is easy to cheat because the wrong way is only one level - it should go several more levels. That way, you cannot backtrack easily.

Norm Hawkins
Nice to see that this 3-D technology can be viewed on the computer!

David Sargent
The clues don't always help much

Frank Mason
Very cool pages ... but I have a headache from sticking my nose up against my monitor.

This is excellent on-line entertainment ! ! ! :> Thanks for all the time you put into making these...

Giray Pultar
Pretty nifty stereograms...

Dan Niklason

Mike D.

Jose Torres

Iris Ginzburg

Jenny Ravlic



Daniel H?gkvist
Great idea! I want more pictures!

Andrew Nelson
Cool game! If you like Windows card games, check my page!

Daniel "Hypno" Bourque (Moncton, NB)
"Woohooo!" -in my best Homer voice. Great idea. I hope to see more sites like this pop up.

Chris Ayotte
bigger, harder, longer

Michael Strickland
I can't believe I actually sat here and did this.

Angie Aub?
I love Daniel Bourque!!! That's all I have to say!

Googleplex ?1995
?his was cool, but it could be a bit harder.

Very clever. looking forward to version II. Lots of luck


Markus Wallstein
Really nice game. I've enjoyed it very much.

Too easy and too short.

Mike Wolfe
Pretty cool game you've got here.

I did it



Chester Mars
Great Game! I want more.

When you're good, you're good... but when you're great, you're the wayneMan i'm Nobody, and Nobody's perfect! Actually, i have an genetic eye disorder that makes these things really easy... oh, well.

Jackie Feistner
That was really neat!!

Brian Mihulka

Dale McLoud
It was a fascinting way to waste time. Look At my son's home page at www.fn.net/~Scotsman

Daniel Baugh



Marco Boldt
What a duifficult riddle, but funny.

Jim Brown

Jennifer Wu

william bajzek

E.J. Burke
looking forward to ridddle II - riddle me this, batman!


MENGUY Stephane

Gwendoyln Wright
This was fun, you have a great mind. I hope that II is a little more challenging!

Jeremy Winter
This needs a lot of work. 1) The instructions at the beginning were vague. 2) The 3D pictures didn't SEEM to give any hint about which direction to pick (I could just be an idiot). 3) The dead ends were all the same, so all I did was pick the path that didn't lead to a dead end (So I cheated >P ). 4) Do you want to encourage people to STARE at the screen anymore than they have to?

Janet Max
That was alot of fun. Reminds me of the "worlds hardest maze". Very cool concept. My congratulations on a truly original idea. - Janet :) -- webmaster@ftp.com Oh what a tangled web we weave...

Chris Fowler
This is pretty cool.

Nicolas Ramaux
The pictures are too small. The idea of such a game is great.

Stephanie Leo & Ainslee Withey

Frederic Gauthier
Beaucoup de fun pour toute la famille.

Tim Jones
Can these be created on a PC? I can't tell if I can't do it or it can't be done. Love the show. Send more

Christopher J. Hull

Mighty Shan
it seemed as though the correct answer for the direction of the mase was different than the answer which moved you to the next level

too easy

Ian MacDonald
Very enjoyable, especially the last one. Good to see someone from Australia contributing something creative to the web

Rev. Benjamin T. Dake
I spammed my way all the way to the end on my first try. Don't forget to watch TV Nation

The ways aren't enough heighten! But it was a good idea!

Soeren Juhl
Funny place. And nice work with the stereograms!!


Jeffrey L. Nelson
I cheated- I'm a bona fide genius!!!!! Reach me at My Page These were so easy, yet hard to figure out what way to turn Wanna get a good look at me?

ginsu 2000

Walton Dell

Cindy Justis
Lots of fun! Very nice Stereograms.

Paige McClanahan & Meredith Clements
This rad game is like totally with it in a happenin' way (if ya know what I mean man)


Don Judge
Some of the images are a little less than clear - but even so a very good idea!

Luis Felipe Galito
This game is so much fun!! You should try for the next version to use more complicated figures. If you need any help with those figures let me know I have tons of them. Regards, Luis

Caveman Rog
Great game! You should provide a place for the web community to submit their own home-made stereograms to expand your 3D riDDle.

Shimon Whiteson

Mike Watson

Devin Eyre

Bo Braendstrup
Nifty !! Reading the hints is quite mandatory. More of the same would be nice.

tres cool. more please

Robin Findley

Tsoumbelis Theodore
I would like to see some stunning stereograms

John M. Olson

Steve Margolis
I've decided during the course of getting through these stages that I must be somewhat colorblind.

Chris McCann

Johnny Bates
That was way to easy. At least there could have been some variations in the puzzles.

Greg Warner
That was cool thanks for the ride

Kenneth Lee
This mazeis too easy. Looking forward to 3D RiDDle II. Keep up the good work.

Asbj?rn Bj?rnstad

Morten Hanshaugen
Quite fun, make more!!

Matt Cerney

Julie Cerney
Very nice! A bit of eyestrain, but well worth the headache.

charles brown

Colin Peart
Ha Ha... I win... WHat do i win? WHAT KINDA GAME IS THIS DAT YA GOTTA STRAIN YER EYES FER 5 minutes, and not GET A prize??? Just kidding. I love da sis's.

Dean Williams
Lots of fun, hope to see more.

John Hunting
Very clever idea!

hector morales
this was the first time i've done sterograms, their great!!

Vicki Asato
Some were a little trickier to figure out but it was cool. Looking forward to the next riddle!

Linda Harper
Loved it. Need more.

Anthony Erdman
Hurry up, we all need more!!! Some of us out here in cyberspace don't have anything else to do.

Zach Dwiggins
It was kind of easy, but I enjoyed it and that's all that really matters.

Pilot High
Tough on the eyes but worth the fun.

Dave Brown

Michelle Needham

Michelle Needham
So much fun I did it again....


Greg and Don Emerson
Dad and I had a great time. Great puzzles and we still can't uncross our eyes

Brian Chick

Zorba Lindo

Judy Riggle
These puzzles make your eyes go batty!

Toine Litjens
What a invention, I like it very much. A link will be hooked to the beginning of this riddle. This has to be experienced by more !!!!

Jull-Allan Weber
Great game, it should be longer though.