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Alexis Lamouret
Great game! When will the next come? :-)

Patrick JAMIN
nice and fun, great idea, one more reason to love stereograms.

Neil Carlson
Very entertaining! Thanks for the trip thru your extremely unique page!!

John Gray
This is great. I knew there had to be something useful one could do with SIRDS. Great job.

James Kittock
Cool! Now I am more crosseyed than before. :)

Jeff Struven
Very well done! Thanks for the puzzle.

Marika Ikonen
Gee, it took a year to download the images. Nice little application of stereograms though. I still wonder how complicated these RDSs can get. Is the mystery in the pictures or is it encoded in the human brain? I'm most certain that this time the beauty is not just in the eyes of the beholder... Isn't it strange how we take a piece of reality, like a distance, exaggerate it and it immediately becomes infinitely fascinating?

David Mielke
It was a blast. Make more!!

Cool use of 3d graphics!

Lee A. Kinkade
I like this, but it was too easy. I look forward to aa more challenging one. It might be real cool to make each stereogram a map that has points you can click on.

Jon Smith
This is a cool game

Jonathan Y. Clark
I wish more people could see stereograms! I never have any problems. (Keep spreading the word about stereograms!)

some of the pictures were ambiguous

Kees Visser
Unique riddle. I have never seen anything like it!

Great idea, but it would be better with a few more stages...

patrick mcfarling


Andrew Kobayashi
Very nice. I noticed that with the Netscape image loading algorithm,i didn't even have to wait for the "whole" image to load beforestarting to look at it. Very interesting effect to watch the resolutionincrease while in "3D mode".

Greg Young

Willy Penders

Filip Wahlberg
Most fascinating game. Especially all the beautiful "wrong"-picturesI (I must admit that) met on my way.

Filip Wahlberg
Sorry if I make trouble. I just HAVE to try this.

Ken Purchase
Beautiful piece of work! Keep it up!

Isaac Chan

Andy Ahrndt
Cool game!

larry sienkiewicz

Khai M. Nguyen
Excellent idea! The images are great but the 3D riDDle's area little too easy -- I did enjoy it though.

Kirk Hill
Way, Way, Cool - I'd like it even more if there were more levels!

Bob Stoner
Well, that was definitely fun! If you ever re-do some of themazes and make this game different, mail me and I'll re-try!

David Lammers
This riddle was a really neat concept, nothing like I've ever seen before. Good job.

Gary Thompson
Really cool idea, but I'm not getting much work done. Give us more levels.

Pat Spring
What fun! And what an innovative idea for a Web. I needed to use the clues.

very cool! Maybe a little too easy, unfortunately I've no ideahow you could make it harder. Thanks for the game- Liz

Billy Klein
I won the 3D riDDle and I didn't even get a T-shirt...42!

G?rard KLEIN

Marko Lehtola
Fun game, but its too easy.

Marko Lehtola
I just had to try it again with some wrong paths.

Chad Paulson
No comment at this time.

Michael Lutynski
I truly enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun :)

Mickael Vedrine
Really great.

Briliant idea.. a bit confusing at times.exits left and right are tough to find.but still great to do.

Steve Leibman

Jonny Hinojosa
very nice

Dick Nitto
Great! Let's have more.

Jon Spence

David Mallinson AKA Mal
Mal => says "Nice idea!..Try my page!"

Patrick Stevenson
Great job. It would be good to see more than just mazes. I was expecting actual riddles.

Larry Mason
NICE graphics... KOOL, but what do I do with the headache from looking crosseyed?

Stan Lefkowitz
I am really fascinated with SIRDS and have thoroughly enjoyed thislittle exercise. I hope riddle 2 with be harder.


Danny Hale
Very nice sterograms.

Michael Bonham
very entertaining

George R. Miller III

Frank "Picboy" Pepin
funtastic game!!!!

Fredrik Pettersson
This was really funny. But the first level images were a bit unclear.

justin ginsberg
Like the game very creative and pretty difficult

Andre Hoogstrate
Great! Waiting for the next riddle to come up.

Andrew Brogdon
Wonderful idea! I've always been a SIRDS and SIS enthusiast, and I must say you definitely have a winning concept!!

Carl E. Campbell

dave warner
looking forward to the next one...

Marco Moreno
COOOOLLLLL!!!! I love it! I agree that it could be a little more challenging. I'm really looking forward to future puzzles. Great work! Marco

Haim Hirsch
kinda fun, and people don't wonder too much when you stare at your screen. ;)

Marko Lehtola

Jeff Bunce
cool. gave me a headache, but cool. waiting for the next one



Mohammed Ishaq
following the slopes downhill i reached the top of the world !

Andrew (nonsense) Murray

Bruce Hovanes


[P] Use our powerful pages!

Ali Fracyon
mycket bra!

Claus Nielsen

Chris Mysen
It was interesting, but it could have used more images.Once you get into it, it is pretty easy.

David Miller
Way Cool...

Joseph Bitar
It was fascinating!!!! I'll be looking forward to the next riddle.

Brad Spry
Verrrrry Interesting ;)

Richard Garner
This is really fun to have. Thank you!

Norm Stockwell
Nice. I've been looking at these things for many decades and was a little worried about the first one; it seemed too subtle for a bit. It's interesting how some are readily visible well before Netscape increases the resolution very much. Thanks.

ryan hoffman
pretty cool maze. Needs to be a little longer if you get a chance

Michael "Slacker" Winston
My eyes are bleeding!

Jeremiah Noland
This was a great game, i hope there are more.

Nick Boone
This was an excellent game and I wish there was more like it!

Dwayne Zicolella
Too easy. Too short. Good idea.

corey tabaka
needs to be longer.

Randy Hester

images look tres cool in video. would like to see some classic art, scenery, etal incorporated maybe? eg: how many stars in "starry night", multiple guess w/ correct choice leading on. new on the net. everythings just too cool!

Michael Myers
*Very* cool!

K. Earls
Spend too much time on these things and pretty soon you try to look at *everything* as if it were a 3-D image!

Jeremiah noland
Great game

Matthew Filla
Great idea, but now my eyes are killing me...

Vince Sidwell
Tell my advisor I was working!

Interesting. Some of the early backgrounds made it hardto see the 3d details.


John Bergman

Karina Rigby
That was really great!!! One of the best things I've seenon the net so far!!!

Jay Campbell



Pete Vollrath
an excellent demonstration of high quality display modes on the internet

Ummm.. neat pictures.

Mr. Black
It boggles the mind.