How to view Single Image Stereograms

All the SIS (Single Image Stereograms) in 3D riDDle are designed to be viewed using the Parallel Viewing Technique (as opposed to the Cross-eyed Viewing Technique).

There are (at least) three ways to approach these stereograms:

One way is to relax your eyes and blur the screen - the way you gaze into emptiness when daydreaming... In the example image above you should then see four blurred dots at the bottom. Slowly adjust your gaze to merge two of them. Now you should see only three dots. At that stage, try to bring the dots into focus without losing any of them. Once you achieved that, let your eyes slowly wander into the picture...

Another way is to look at your own reflection in the screen, and then slowly shift your attention to the image on the screen, but without changing the position of your eyes. Try not to focus on the details of the image, but look for an overall impression...

The third approach is to put your face close to the screen (if you find that uncomfortable, try it with a printout on paper) and stare right through the monitor. Then slowly move away from the screen (or paper), still staring ahead. Don't focus on the picture until the 3D structure has popped out.

Good luck!

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