3D riDDle II - Hall of Fame

Here you find the names and comments of the second 200 "Masters of Single Image Stereograms". The entries are listed chronologically. Have a look at the first 200 entries or the last 226 entries as well.

Donald DiPaula

Patti McAnally

Shaun McAdams
Very cool!

Matt Read
The hard part was remembering which direction I exited the previous screen...

David E.A. Detlefsen
Another great challenge. Fun as always. Dave

Tania Gobeil
I had lots of fun playing this game. Its very interseting and challenging but, its a bit long.


Rajan Gupta

Mark Luhring

I am the Party Train!

Wendy Rouse

Sara Maene
Wow! Kinda tough -- but very nicely done. Lovely backgrounds!

This game is the best one i've ever played since a very long time it is without hesitation a game which have be developped. Thank you very much for this game which occupate me this evening. If you know other sites where i can find such games, just mail me the adress. Once again, thank you very much for this good time!

Sophie Moissette
very good !!!


Andrew S. Klarer
This was very cool! I look forward to more challenging puzzles. Perhaps one in which you have to identify an object in each picture and then string the object names together to form a riddle which must be solved.... or something like that!

Kevin Marlow

Sylvain COMITI

Virginia Lyons
It was fun! I find it easier to see the steregrams on the than I do on paper.

Ruben Chan
It was reeeeaaaly rreeeeeaaaaaly fuuun!!!! THANKYOU!!!

Michael Drysdale


dave kotecki
Cool game, but whoa I have a headache now!

I love to look at stereograms. This was a lot of fun!

martin erik

Jesse Johnson

David Smoot


Yaacov Yossef
I am very proud of myself to have solved this riddle.

Wow! These images are truly ingenious - my compliments to those who created this amazing collection. (But it's hard to go back to viewing 2-D text after looking at them for awhile...)

Carol A. Witkowski

Wilhelmina Marxer
thanks for the fun.

Robin R. Smith
Please sir, can I have some more?????


it's a very exhaustive game


Jaime Godinez

Gary Ricard

James Giba

Darin Friedman
Just how are my eyes gona stay like this?

Ted Parsons
The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills -- RJ

David Burtt-Henderson
Way Cool!

Phil Grant
That was great! Thanks!

Greg Dapkus

Don Parks
That tiger face one had me cross-eyed for a little while!

Chad Rainey

Dean James

Bernd Wechner

Bill Shaffer

Nancy Rudnicki
AaaaaEeeeeAAAAAEEeeeAAAaaeeeeeeaaaaaeeeeaaaaaa (jungle yodel)

Edward James

Mike Murray
I did it for my country!

Pertti Karppinen
Quite interesting, especially at 2AM %-) Pertti

Craig Robertson
That was pretty cool.

Rick Hayes
Now my eyes hurt :)

Chris Browne

d e riggs

my eyes hurt

Nichole Curtis

Curtis Nielson
I thought it was fun and challenging.

Jens Astrom
Nice way to get sore eyes

R. J. Wolfe

Darrell Nash
Cool Idea.

nancy kim

I believe it was best summed up in the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "I drank what?"

Chad Michael Peter Kirvan
So when's III coming out? ;)

Gunther Zurstadt
The pictures are great!

Supardi Ng
God job, but it is not really hard. Can you make another the puzzle more complicated? I enjoy playing the game. Thank's a lot.

Ben McCormick

Mark Elendt

Karen Reid

Robert Martin
Now where did I put that bottle of aspirin?!

Dann T. Stinard
Wonderful puzzle! I only wish it were longer. :) Things like this make the web worth browsing.

Mike Ira
Great game - hope to see more!

Rick LeRoy
It will take a week for my eyes to refocus!

Matthew Zitelli
Some interesting patterns!! Very tough. Watch that some of the textures don't interfere too much with the maze.

Alora LaVoy

Benoit Rigaut
"Puisque ces mysteres nous depassent, feignons d'en etre l'organisateur"

Jari Arola

Alex Morla
These are great! How do you make them?

Ethan Ekkens
Thank you for putting the time and effort into making these puzzles for us, they are really awesome!!

Ken Aldrich

Michael Wood
Fun diversion from studying.

Lisa Hirano

Lindsay Keezer
WoW, what a mind blow...

Tobin Kyllingstad
Very fun and well made web site.

Dean Williams

That's amazing! What a lot work that must have been.

Ooooh! I'm feeling woozy!

Steve Hesby
Worn,weary and bloodied by the battle the young soldier stumbles back across friendly lines. "I think I'll hit the sack" he mumbles tiredly, "I have a splitting headache." Thanks for the journey, I think I have satisfied my craving for stereograms for awhile! Steve H.

Mike Schier

Josh Broch

Jari Arola

Andy Pickens


Linda Danielsen
This was fun!=)

Stefan Blixt
really liked the pictures, the stereograms seemed somehow unsusually easy to watch.

Christopher M. Rump

Stephen Allen
Excellent riddle! I'd welcome more, especially if there could be more variants on a piece of rope.

Thomas E. Rommel III
"Real generosity is doing someting nice for someone who'll never find out." - Frank A. Clark


Kenneth Pope
Great idea. Some tricky trails to follow!

you bastard... my eyes hurt... really bad...

Grisha M.

Wilfrid Ledoure

Chris Hebert
Great Stereograms!


Jo Bullerwell

Ajay M R Prasad
The Stereograms were great. Stupendous work. Can't wait for 3D riDDle III.



Dennis Moore

Lasse Lensu
Please, more of these!

Rich Duke
Great game! I kept waiting for the letters to make a word! (They didn't, did they?)

Fernando Belforte

Terry Douglas
Excellent fun. Just waiting for 3D riDDle III now. Don't think my boss approves of the download costs though :-) While you're surfing the net, feel free to pay a visit to My University on your travels, particularly the Virtually Incredible!

scott Wills
Fun. Probably easier in color. Where is my Visine?

Brad Crawford
Cool idea....Lots of fun

David G. Richter

Rich Duke
Great game! I kept waiting for the letters to spell a word! (they didnt, did they?)

Al Priest

That was fun, though a little excessive on image loading. Why not check out my home town of [SOC]

manny juan

sital patel
amazing game! congratulations on a clever idea!

Mr. Potato-Head
Sometimes In Really Deadly Situations
Some Ingenius Rat Draws Silly
Scrambled Images Resembling Dirty Situations.
Some Idiots Resent Drawing SIRDS.
(get it? all sentences go S.I.R.D.S.) Pretty stupid joke, huh?
Anyone who wants to can mail me
I can't wait for 3D riDDle III !!

Aaron Royce
This was very fun and relaxing. How are these stereo images made? Anyone know?

Lee Savidge

Marvin the paranoid android
Anybody got an asprin?

I love looking at stereograms, and this game is the best I have seen on the internet yet. Thankyou very much.

J. Timothy Thompson
No comment.

Dustin Beebe
My eyes hurt too!!!

scott murphy
Good idea. I hope I followed the correct path!

Rob Crockett
Hey! Your maze was really fun! Bring on the three and four level games. Thanks for a very nice site.

Predrag Vasic

David Nilsson
Fun stuff!!!

CIM Guys

Rurik Oprita
This puzzle's a really GREAT idea! Thanx a lot for nice entertainment! (Don't know if i followed the right path yet, though!0

Yaacov Yossef
I solved this riddle exactly a month ago, in the first try. Now, a month after, I tried it again, and failed 3 times before reaching the FINISH. I am so happy now. I must tell you all a wonderfull thing: I am short-sighted. My glasses are number 6. The last months, in which I have been watching a lot of SISs, I noticed AN IMPROVEMENT IN MY EYE-SIGHT! The one who made this riddle is a genius!

Paul Dunlap

Alan B. Juan
Wow, was that ever neat? I liked it -- By the way, check out my homepage! No Stereograms, but lots of Groo and PEZ!
Super maze---thanx for a great job and a lot of fun

wow! Great stuff.

marguerite ramsey
cool game :)

Ian Samuel
Ouch, my brain hurts!! Cool idea, I love it. Two thumbs up.


Luc van Gaans

Rune Øfsdahl
Incredible cool game. One of the best things I've seen on the 'net!! Hurry up with 3D riDDle II! If you like, have a look at my Homepage

Cleve Coulson

Mike Balfour
my eyes hurt. my eyes hurt.

Arthur van Bronswijk
One world is enough for all of us ...

Jennifer Parisi
Piece o' cake!

Sharon E. Requinton

Erik Flodgren, Click here!
This is probably the coolest site I've ever surfed!

Kristian Duus ?tergaard
On second thought it's quite fun

Randy D. Miller
Also please cc: randy.d.miller@tek.com

Catherine Chou
cool!!...i got it on my 1st try...too bad there isn't more... i guess i can't procratinate any longer....time to do homework..

Sean O'Connell
COOL!! How are these images constructed .?

Great balls of string! I yarn for this type of game.

Andrea Bautz

excellent puzzle. I just found your page today. I hope there will be a part III.

Captain Dignity

Michael Austin
*rubs eyes*.. wonder if the backgrounds have anything to do with it.

B.J. Good
Tons o' eye-straining fun!

Jean-Luc Perez dit "le Marcassin"
Not bad, not bad this game. What about a riddle 3

lorne "the rodent" chartier
cool puzzle

Chantelle"Boo the Bear" Chartier
This puzzle was totally funky, you should make a third one thats way cooler THANX !!!

Anders Martin Labich Nielsen
Excellent puzzle.

Dennis Michaud
Let's try this again, I guess I couldn't read my own writing

Kimberly Blaine
Thank you! I really enjoyed it!

John Shemelynce

Allen Gabriele
Thanks. Nice job. How did you generate the 3D modles that the steriograms are built on.