3D riDDle II - bigger, better, harder...

3D riDDle II is the sequel to 3D riDDle. Just like its predecessor it relies completely on SISs (Single Image Stereograms). If you can't see anything interesting in the stereogram above, have a look at the SIS viewing instructions or click here (ie. go somewhere else, because you won't have much fun with 3D riDDle II).

The new 3D riDDle isn't really a riddle, but more like a maze. The idea is to follow a single rope (only visible in the 3D structure when seen by parallel viewing) from the start (a sphere in the center of the first stereogram) to the final page. In the first stereogram the rope will lead you to one of the four borders of the picture. (For technical reasons the left and right borders of the 3D image don't really touch the borders of the real image. Just keep that in mind.) Simply click on the button corresponding to this border, and you'll get to the next stereogram. In this one the same rope will continue from the opposite side and lead you to one of the remaining three borders. (Imagine a table covered with stereograms lying side by side; If you exit one at the right, you will enter the neighbouring one from the left. If you go down, you'll come in from the top. That's how it works.)

The start and the finish are connected by only one rope. You can get to the final page by many different ways, but only one path is correct. Each stereogram is labelled by a character in the upper left and right corners. You'll have to write those characters down (on a piece of paper or so...) as you go along. When you reach the final page, you'll be asked to enter the sequence in which you travelled through the stereograms and submit it. *

If you make a mistake in one of the stereograms, you might eventually get to a dead end where the rope doesn't lead any further. In that case you'll have to backtrack your path, cancelling the revisited stereograms from your record. Only record the direct path. This path may contain loops, ie. some labels can show up twice in your list, but if you travel back and forth in the same stereogram (eg. from right to bottom and later from bottom to right), then it should not be included in the recorded path.

If the path you enter in the final page is correct, you will receive a certificate which you can print out and hang on the wall. * The first 626 "Masters of SIS" could enter their name and comment in the Hall of Fame II, but this feature is no longer available, sorry. I hope you'll nevertheless enjoy the stereograms and have some fun with 3D riDDle II.

If you prefer looking at the SISs on paper, you can download them by clicking inside the image and then print them out. The 3D effect doesn't get lost in the process.
One last thing: Just like 3D riDDle, these pages are designed to be viewed with Netscape Navigator (and preferably on a monitor with more than 16 colours). If you're using a different browser, the layout of 3D riDDle II might look a bit strange.

Sorry for this lengthy introduction, but now we're ready to have a go!

For more stereograms and links to other stereogram sites, have a look at my SIS Collection.

Problems, bugs, questions, comments (too easy, too hard?) -- let me know!

Andrew Giger

3D riDDle II went online on 1 August 1995.

* Pages with interactive content are not available in this reconstructed site, sorry. The correct path will be provided on the final page for you to check your own path.