Everyone’s invited

On Saturday, 8 March, I will be giving a talk at the NUS Museum, as part of their NUS Arts Festival 2008.

Apart from the art of Ng Eng Teng, I will be talking about mosquitoes, how their world differs from ours, and what it takes to appreciate art (hint: there will be a fair amount of neuroscience involved).

Here’s the official announcement with all the details (click on it if you’re interested in the small print…):

Art for Arthropods

2 thoughts on “Everyone’s invited”

  1. Hi there,

    First of congratulations for your work. I am just a curious guy, and I would like to ask if you know any other sites or videos where I could find out how different animals see the world. I would like to write a short article on my blog about this subject, linking this with our view of the world.

    Thank you so much,


  2. Hi Stran

    I wasn’t aware of any sites similar to B-EYE, and a quick search didn’t throw up much… I did find this site with a few images illustrating colour perception in squirrels, sharks and turtles, though. Hope this helps. ; )

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