My first post on my brand new blog

Welcome to art.hropod, my new, first and only blog!

It has been more than three months since I left the Singapore Science Centre to give myself more time to focus on developing my art. The idea was that I would have generally more time – since I wasn’t “working” any more – to pursue my various interests, which included setting up my own website and blog. But it turns out that I have a lot of interests, and starting out on all of them at once just didn’t work out. So the website was one of those things that was given a slightly lower priority, but now it is finally taking shape. Some pages are still “under construction”, but the blog should be operational, so here we go!

By Andy

Andy is an artist, researcher, communicator and discovery facilitator.

3 replies on “My first post on my brand new blog”

Hi Andy,

Glad to find someone with similar interests in art and science here in Singapore. Here’s wishing you a great blogging success!

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