Year of the Snake

When I first developed the Wireframe Stereogram, it was with the intention to make stereograms simple enough to be interactive (as in the IWISTER) and paintable or drawable.

My latest painted stereogram is still a fully computer generated pattern, transferred by hand onto canvas (cross your eyes to view it):

#0019 – Acrylic on canvas – 102x76cm – 2011-12
But my ambition is to create a stereogram by hand from scratch. I have done that with simple things like cubes and stick men, but not yet with something more interesting.

So I set out to make this year’s Chinese New Year stereogram my first hand-drawn stereogram. I created an exploratory sketch on the computer as preparation, but then I hurt my thumb and couldn’t draw for a few weeks, so the sketch was turned into the final image on the computer again:

CNY of the Snake - Stereogram

One day, I will draw a stereogram…