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Andy Giger

drandanArt 2023

Surface pattern design with roots in science, mathematics and perception

reFocused 2023

Newsletter with updates from the drandanArt Studio and musings from a Refocused Creative


Zoetrope 2018

Stroboscope-free online version of the classic spinning animations

Parastichies 2018

Play with the parameters of phyllotactic spirals to produce parastichies not found in nature.

Harmonograph 2 2017

Interactive simulation of a drawing machine made from a horizontally suspended, swinging beam

Harmonograph 2015

Interactive real-time simulation of a Three-Pendulum Rotary Harmonograph


Manipulate the content in 3D space in these Interactive WIreframe STEReograms

Coriolis Fountain 2010

Visualise the Coriolis Effect with this stream-bending simulation of a mind-bending science exhibit.

Strobe Fountain 2010

Slow down time to figure out how the water droplets in this science exhibit can fall upwards.

3D riDDle III 2009

Follow a string through the virtual space of a series of stereograms.

B-EYE 2009

See the world through the eyes of a Honey Bee.