IWISTER - the Interactive Wireframe Stereogram




#3 - The Puzzle Pyramid

This IWISTER is similar to #2 in that you get four objects to freely move around in space, and your task is to combine them to form one shape – in this case a tetrahedron (a pyramid). But unlike the Puzzle Cube pieces, these pieces are all the same, and they will snap together whether the match is correct or not.

This is a stereogram designed for parallel viewing.




#1 – The Rabbit Maze

Guide the Chinese New Year bunny through a 3D maze to his carrot.

#2 – The Puzzle Cube

Assemble four different objects to form a cube.

#4 – Five Mouse Balls

Build your own 3D snowman – or anything else requiring five spheres.

#5 – Agent Magneto

Guide the invisible agent on his mission to collect rings.

Built with Processing