See the world through the eyes of a honey bee

Welcome to the B-EYE pages! Have you ever wondered how other creatures see the world? Here you can find out. Well, at least you can find out how HONEY BEES see the world. Well, let's say you can find out what we THINK the world looks like to a bee. Well, not the WHOLE world, really, but a subset of the world, namely a number of greyscale pictures. But, still, I'm sure you will find it an interesting experience...

I am a neuroscientist working on bee vision. Part of my work involves training bees to discriminate between two different visual patterns. I wrote B-EYE as a tool to give me some idea what my bees perceive of the patterns I present them with.

The Description page will tell you what exactly the program does.

There are three ways to view the world through a bee's eye:

Gallery (pre-processed images, ready to download)

Hover (hover at close range in front of a pattern) *

Submit (choose a picture, set the parameters and run B-EYE) *

Have fun bee~ing around! And let me know of any problems, bugs, questions, comments,...

Andrew Giger

B-EYE went online on 9 January 1995.

On January 26 B-EYE was Infinet's Cool Site of the Day!

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